Over 1.6 million athletes play football each year and 12 died from brain related injuries in 2014. Do these statistics mean that football should be banned? No, it should not. Football is a way to bring the community together rather the team winning or losing.

“Football introduces young players to new social groups and to a set of coaches who serve as role models,” according to USA football, a youth football organization. “Research shows athletes tend to have higher levels of self-esteem and lower levels of depression.”

Taking away a popular sport would be devastating especially those who live in inner cities.

Not so many kids had the best childhood and the best way for players to get their mind off issues that they may have is playing football.

“Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson remembers being a young, impressionable kid growing up in the inner city, in constant contact with influences that could shape his life in a negative way. The Redskins stated. “He remembers how he avoided them, too, thanks to a support system that made sure he stayed dedicated to work and motivated in his aspirations of playing professional football.”

There will always be risks while playing football, even the 5-6 year olds beginning to play pop warner are taking risks but that’s because that is something they want to do. Seeing their favorite football player on TV, they are following them or wanting to be in the NFL.

Football players and also the parents know the consequences once they step onto to the field. What are the chances of a football player being hit and dying? Yes it can happen but the percentage is low. One in every 100,000 kids dies from a football related injury, according to the New York Daily News.

With all of the new technology being generated preventing injuries it is safe to play. Even the rule “crown to the helmet” has been implemented in pop-warner, high school, college and at the pro level. This rule protects players especially quarterbacks and wide receivers that run across the middle waiting to be hit by the defensive player.

The real truth to behind why players are being killed on the field is that a lot of athletes want to go for the big hit using their heads. The number one rule to tackling is not using your head.

As soon as the player uses their head it puts all of the pressure on the spine causing the player to be paralyzed. Eric LeGrand linebacker for Rutgers tackled with his head causing him to be quadriplegic. After months of therapy he still cannot walk but he wished to back on the field with his teammates.

Eric LeGrand loves the game and attends each Rutgers game wishing he could one day play again.

The love for the game is too strong and cannot be taken away from a player who enjoys it. Even though in the long run there may be consequences but the award for playing will last a lifetime.

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