Since the great race and gender social movements of the 1960’s there has been controversy regarding the idea of either a woman or an African-American the job of being President. Now the Democratic Party is bringing this country closer to that possibility with the two candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both currently dominating the popular vote polls.Both candidates have their flaws and their strengths but the real question is who will win the Democratic Party ballot space in the election of 2008?

The draw back for Clinton compared to Obama has been her media exposure. Clinton from the very start drew attention to herself, which was almost unheard of except for Eleanor Roosevelt in previous years. Clinton and her husband William Clinton publicly claimed that when former President Clinton had taken the office that it was going to be a team effort between him and former Senator Clinton. Every mistake that happened in that presidential term could be looked at by the media and interpreted as partially former Senator Clinton’s fault.

While the previous experience may be partially a draw back it -could very possibly be seen and used as a bonus. The public and strong Democratic Party members saw change and progress in the Clinton administration that proved to overall benefit the nation.

An age old saying, “there’s no such thing as bad press,” could be Obama’s downfall he may have a generally clean slate having less dirt than his opponent but when it comes to time to vote people generally remember who is talked about more often than not.

Clinton has proven overall to be a moderate. It is about time that America gets a moderate politician in office. Ever since Bush took over office he has proven what damage and harm an extremist politician can do to America.


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