To my fellow Liberals: Bernie Sanders was never your savior.

Senator Sanders is on the Desperately Needy Committee’s “Most Wanted” list for defending public speaker Ann Coulter and Democrat Heath Mello of Omaha, Nebraska – both pro-lifers – for practicing their freedom of speech.

One has to recall that Sanders only labeled himself “Democratic-Socialist,” during the election because no one ever votes for an Independent. No one in the DNC believed in his progressive movement until he started turning heads at rallies, then he started getting the attention of the DNC.

He did every favor, he spoke and rallied all over the country for the DNC, while running for president. But for what? Just to get hit under the belt by Democrats and now again by the same party.

His rhetoric has been the same, his speeches always include taxing the one percent, $15 minimum wage, universal health care, and free college. Now he’s under fire only for going off script. Leftist liberals and progressives are angered, not only for defending pro-lifers, but also for calling out the failing Democratic party.

The never-aging Nancy Pelosi, who at times goes against Chuck Schumer in a ‘Who Could Cry The Most’ challenge, didn’t hesitate to put her stamp of approval on Sanders’ comments.

Pelosi was asked by Bloomberg to comment on Senator Sanders comments and stated, “I have served many years in Congress with members who have not shared my very positive — my family would say aggressive — position on promoting a woman’s right to choose.”

Yet her statement didn’t get any scrutiny. She just wandered off into La La Land, I mean, to the Moonlight.

Her statement, as surprising as it seems, also leaves the impression that the Democrats are often too critical of others, but not on themselves.

The Democrats lost the most unpopular Presidential election, to what seems now as the most unpopular President we’ve ever had. Says the polls, but as the polls taught us during the election, they too can be wrong.

Hence why the Democratic Party has one hand on the edge of a cliff, hanging on to some kind of belief that someone will pull them back up to the House, Senate, and maybe pull them back to relevance.

Maybe another protest might help?

But for now they have tried to critique Bernie Sanders for standing up to Ann Coulter— a woman who often leaves liberals to reach for their cardboard boxes, markers, black masks, m80s, and pepper spray; destined to shut down her freedom of speech.

Sanders stated in Huffington Post, ”To me, it’s a sign of intellectual weakness. If you can’t ask Ann Coulter in a polite way questions which expose the weakness of her arguments, if all you can do is boo, or shut her down, or prevent her from coming, what does that tell the world?”

However, the question of the proud and loud conservative commentator Tomi Lahren’s comment comes to mind. “Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.” Lahren was criticized then fired from The Blaze after her statement on The View about being pro-choice.

So should Democrat Mello stand down from his position as mayoral candidate? Should he change his stance on being pro-life? If you thought “Yes!” then it is clear you do not understand freedom to speak your mind and have different beliefs, whether Democrat or Republican.

As it was wrong to fire Lahren, it is wrong to deny Mello for being a pro-life democratic mayoral candidate running in a Republican state. Clearly both parties have some work to do.

The ever trusted CNN asked why Sanders backed Mellos’ stance on pro-life and said, “If you have a rally in which you have the labor movement and environmentalists and Native Americans and the African American community and the Latino community coming together saying, ‘We want this guy to become our next mayor,’ should I reject going there to Omaha?”

Of course not! What more do Democrats want? Do they not want to have more states to lean Democrat?

The Democratic party might want to rethink how to respect Democrats within their own party who hold slightly different views. As the Bloomberg article points out “democrats found a useful marketing tool when they settled on the phrase “pro-choice.” Liberals most likely don’t want to lose any money they’re profiting from. Maybe Democrats are putting up a front so they don’t get any heat from far left liberals, LGBTQ, and feminists.

The DNC in this case wasn’t being progressive, no, they were being regressive. If Democrats do not clean up their act, they might as well release themselves from whoever is trying to pull them up from the cliff they’re hanging from.



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