Measure PCC 

YES: The measure would increase property taxes in Pasadena to compensate for the funds PCC needs for projects, operational costs, upgrading classrooms, building maintenance and expansion for satellite campuses.

The Courier has a 100% full endorsement for this measure.

Prop 1

YES: Prop 1 sets out to codify a woman’s right to abortion to the California state consitution. This would ensure that women across the state would have the right to choose for themselves. The Courier staff fully endorses Prop 1.

Prop 26 

YES: The prop would give expanded betting opportunities at casinos on Native American land. The revenue generated by this would benefit Native Americans greatly. The Courier had a 70/30 split, with 70% in favor of Prop 26 because of the revenue generated for Native Americans, while 30% were against it because of an increase of gambling activity in general.

Prop 27

NO: The prop would expand online gambling for casinos and other online entities. According to proponents, the revenue is vowed to go to fighting homelessness. The Courier had a 10/90 split; 10% were for the Prop, ‘cause if you don’t play you don’t win. The majority were not in favor of the proposition, citing the entities funding this prop, as well as a doubt in how this money would actually help homelessness.

Prop 28 

YES: The prop would grant added funding to arts and music programs across the state. There is a reported $1 billion per year in this dedicated fund. The Courier again had a 90/10 split, with the majority in favor of Prop 28, while 10% of the staff were against it due to concerns of how this money would trickle into more impoverished neighborhoods and how it might take funding from other projects.

Prop 29 

NO: The prop would require dialysis clinics to have a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on site at the clinic. This would give patients better care at clinics, reducing possible hospitalizations due to medical complications. The Courier had a 30/70 split, with 30% saying yes these regulations would be beneficial for the clinics. On the other hand, 70% disagreed and felt that more hands in the room would complicate things.

Prop 30 

SPLIT: The prop would set a new tax on billionaires through electric vehicles. The Courier was a perfect 50/50 split. The 50% in favor argued that this is a step in the right direction, and love to see the rich being taxed, while the other half were against it as this is to Lyft’s benefit, due to a policy that is pushing drivers to electric vehicles.

Prop 31

YES: The prop is a referendum to uphold a 2020 ban on flavored tobacco products. The Courier had a 90/10 split, with the majority being indifferent to, or wanting to keep a ban on the flavored products. The other 10% were for repealing it to give more options.

Measure A 

YES: The measure would allow the L.A. board of supervisors to remove a sheriff in office and hold him accountable for misconduct. The Courier unanimously endorsed this measure.

Measure C 

NO: The measure would allow taxing cannabis businesses in unincorporated areas.

The Courier was at 90% no and 10% yes. The 90% disagrees with how high taxes are for cannabis and feels it is unclear as to where these taxes are funneled to. The 10% believes in taxes and what taxes provide for the community.

Measure H 

YES: The measure would limit rent increases to 75% of the consumer price index, which would provide rent control for Pasadena residents. The Courier unanimously supported this measure.


These endorsements are who the Courier believes will be the best candidate to lead each individual office. Our decisions were based not only on qualifications and their agendas but also extreme opposition of the candidates running against them.

Mayoral Endorsement 

Karen Bass

Sheriff Endorsement

Robert Luna

Los Angeles City Attorney General

Faisal Gill

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