Registering for classes can be very stressful, especially when one is less than 18 units away from finishing your transfer requirements. Scrambling to get the classes you need to transfer? Problem solved!
 “We’re pulling out the records of any student within 18 units of finishing their requirements… Those, in our view, should be given first priority,” President Mark Rocha said at a news conference with the Courier staff members on Sept. 29. 
Although newly arrived students might think this plan is not fair, it really is a good idea. The faster students get through their requirements, the faster classes will become available.
“The incoming 12th graders should not have taken any room [in classes] from you because we added sections, especially English and math sections for all those incoming students,” said Rocha
 Students who are within 18 units of transferring usually are not taking the same classes as incoming students, which is why this plan is fair. 
The plan provides a way for students who are close to being done to get classes first and then to transfer to four-year school. The whole point of transferring is to get out as fast as possible. 
“We’re working harder than ever to try to improve programs so students can identify a goal and…[then] transfer as quickly as possible,” said Rocha.
When classes are limited and often fill fast, those who don’t have first priority find it is hard to get into the classes to fill their requirements. 
This new priority registration plan will be helpful and will hopefully motivate students to move along faster, which in turn will make the schools’ number of associate’s degrees go up. 
This plan should make it easier not only for students close to transferring but also for incoming students because there will be more sections in basic skills opening.

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