Rudy Giuliani, another white male who thinks he’s superior to others, has joined Trump’s legal team and has since made statements about his former boss that could easily contradict anything and everything Trump has said.

While on a media tour Giuliani gave away that Trump did in fact know about the hush money that was paid to porn star and former lover Stormy Daniels. Trump declined knowing about this money, but Giuliani’s statements prove that he did know, unless Giuliani is absolutely clueless, and just talks out of his ass.

It seems that those that have or are working for the Trump administration don’t really know what they’re doing. There’s a lot of backlash that these people deal with because they’ve either said something absolutely jaw dropping in the worst possible way or something that makes this administration seem suspicious as hell.

When Giuliani was interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News, he said, “that money was not campaign money.” Since it wasn’t campaign money, why does Trump still feel he has to lie about this pay off? Regardless of what happened between Trump and Daniels the main thing that bothers half of America is the fact that Trump has the nerve to lie about knowing about the money. Yet Giuliani tells Fox News that Trump paid back his personal attorney Michael Cohen for the money he gave Daniels.

If this is Giuliani’s defense strategy, it’s not working. If he thinks he’s helping to remove people’s focus from this ongoing topic then he’s wrong. If anything, this is enough to make those already curious about it all the more curious and possibly start demanding answers. Answers that don’t contradict each other.

Trump’s team doesn’t seem to all be on the same page.

Trump tells lies left and right on either Twitter (Twitter of all places, yikes) or news outlets he doesn’t consider “fake news” and then people on his team like Giuliani contradict his lies, and Cohen won’t really comment on anything.

We have so much more to worry about as a country yet we’re all still stuck trying to interpret whether or not Trump is lying. Can we trust him or not? This is something that we shouldn’t have to worry about whenever we receive daily news. We should be able to rest at ease knowing we have a president in office with an administration that we can trust to handle any situation thrown at our country and not tell so many lies that are later then proven to really be lies.

I hope that Trump will finally confess to knowing about the hush money and pay Cohen back, so we can move on from questions like ‘did he or didn’t he?’ We have bigger problems to worry about (like getting Trump impeached) and quite frankly, I’m getting tired of reading about this alleged affair in the news every week.

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