What the hell is going on at the White House this time? Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice has yet again made it into the public’s eye for carrying out another one of Trump’s absurd demands.

Trump’s latest headlining tweet has yet again shown his level of stupidity. He demanded the Department of Justice start an investigation on the Russian investigation. Yeah, that’s right, he demanded via Twitter that an investigation be started. We have a plethora of other problems in our country but Trump seems to think the biggest concern is how the Department of Justice carries out investigations. These investigations are going after him and trying to find out why there is so much secrecy surrounding Trump and his administration. Whenever the investigations get a little too close to uncovering the truth, Trump finds a way to stray the attention from it, and tweet something absurd. Clearly, there is something he wants to make sure doesn’t get out to the public and he’ll do anything.

Now, Rod Rosenstein has ensured that there be an investigation.

This man has agreed to do a lot of things for Trump; if Trump were a teacher, he’d be the teacher’s pet. Why though? It sounds like he’s trying to make sure he doesn’t end up on the long list of those who have either been fired or resigned.

So far, he has released controversial text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Those text messages destroyed their reputations. After having Congress request that these text messages be released, Rosenstein then made them public. Doing so then put him in Trump’s favor.

There have been cases recently of people in this administration either being fired or resigning because they made clear their oppositions to Trump’s demands. With Rosenstein it’s hard to tell whether he wants to help Trump or secretly contribute to his downfall.

There have been instances where Rosenstein has tried to resist the demands of Congress and Trump but he’s caved in and has left me wondering just how soft is this man? One of the few times where he has caved for Congress and Trump was when allowed Congress to view highly sensitive and classified document that launched the infamous Russia investigation.

Just imagine the amount of information that Congress and Trump are going to want to get out of Rosenstein. That sounds like trouble to me; trouble the U.S. can’t afford to have. We’re already dealing with a lot of problems within our country like ICE, the Russia investigation, and a President that doesn’t know how to run a country. We don’t need this Deputy Attorney General creating more mayhem.

What kind of people are running our country? Not only do we have a clown in office as a President but we also have a Deputy Attorney General caving at every demand Congress and Trump put on him. Rosenstein seems to be caving because it not only mean he’d be on Trump’s good side but also to ensure he doesn’t lose his job. He shouldn’t care about being on his good side or not, instead, he should be caring about doing his job properly and not making this country look like a bunch of softies.

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