Before his death, Christopher Dorner claimed rampant corruption and racism throughout the Los Angeles Police Department, and in his manifesto stated his intention to use violence as a necessary remedy for the department’s inefficiency.

Dorner’s actions are in no way justifiable; corruption is not eliminated by killing, but instead perpetuated by the use of violence.

Dorner wrote in his manifesto of his intention to not just harm, but kill LAPD officers and their family members, according to the Pasadena Star News, and this does nothing to help end the racism and corruption within the department that he claims to be battling against.

In his manifesto Dorner wrote: “I have exhausted all available means at obtaining my name back. I have attempted all legal efforts within appeals at Superior Courts and California Appellate courts. This is my last resort. The LAPD has suppressed the truth and it has now lead to deadly consequences.”

There is always a resort other than violence; it is never acceptable to kill because one feels that they were wronged. There is never a reason to kill, and to target family members shows Dorner as a coward, a scared man who, now without a badge, had no way to prove himself a man.

Dorner’s response was to use force upon the officers he had accused of that very same crime, according to the Christopher-Dorner-v LAPD case file. He claimed to want to instill change within the department in which it became a “culture of lying, racism and the use of obsessive force,” according to Dorner.

How can someone put down on paper that they are battling against the use of obsessive force and then kill to get that point across? His vision was clouded by rage, and what he did has only focused light on him and not on what he says he was trying to accomplish.

These were completely misguided actions of a very sad and confused man, who wanted to be a martyr and was willing to go to any lengths to gain that status. He made up his mind that he was the one to bring change and he was willing to kill for it. This sounds like a disgruntled employee who had decided to go on a shooting spree, not a hero crusading for reform.

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