Mitch McConnell is blowing a huge opportunity to pass a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, after President Donald Trump called on Congress to pass a piece of legislation that would reform prison sentencing by lowering mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines and offer training programs in prisons to try to lower recidivism rates.

The criminal justice reform bill intends on cutting back on mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenders, instead focusing more on the rehabilitation of a prisoner’s thoughts and behaviors. With proper implementation, it could make a difference in curbing the vicious cycle of committing crimes and serving time that convicts often fall into in our prison system.

The bill has already passed the House, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is bullshitting when he says there is not enough time in the lame-duck session to get it through the Senate. Passing legislation during the lame-duck session would be rare in politics, but they still have the ability to do so, especially since it has support on both aisles. Currently here are still several working days for the government to get it done.

Mitch McConnell is missing his chance to do something good to help the president. McConnell originally stated that he would pass the bill if he had 60 votes, but he is now calling for a greater consensus among Republicans. It would be nice to see this Republican congress break the current mold and go down in history for passing a piece of bipartisan legislation for once.

It seems passing this legislation is something that President Trump to sincerely wants to do. Although the President has been making a lot of right-leaning decisions, he has taken the initiative to get legislation passed that could reach across the aisle. Donald Trump could still be a New York liberal at heart, possessing lefty tendencies that are still a part of his being, and he’s not conservative with a capital C.

Of course, the President can’t directly affect the voting process because of the separation of powers. President Trump is asking Mitch McConnell for a favor and an easy win. As the person who controls the flow of the Senate, McConnell is being very stubborn not to reach out and get this thing passed. McConnell should do his due diligence for the country to help repair the current state of politics.

While the President backs the legislation, there are GOP senators that are vehemently opposed.

A few Republicans don’t want to cooperate with Democrats and a few Democrats don’t want to cooperate with Republicans. Mitch McConnell mistakenly thinks its will be good for Republicans to refuse to cooperate with Democrats, because God forbid something occurs that is tinged with a bit of compassion under this administration.

In a last-ditch effort, Vice President Mike Pence made an appeal to the protesting Republicans, urging them to consider the bill because it’s important for Republicans to reach across the aisle. If it’s agreed on by both parties, they might as well get it passed as soon as possible.

The approval rating of Congress is at all-time lows and they need to actually get something done to prove themselves.

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