It has been an unusual semester. The campus has been in a state of disarray—reeling from class cuts, student protests, a disputed faculty contract situation, the replacing of the winter intersession with a three-semester calendar, and a complete revamping of the school’s bureaucracy.

These hasty, significant changes in the foundational system of PCC all stem from one thing: the big wigs up in Sacramento haven’t been giving PCC enough money.

But, we, the PCC community can do something to help fix, or at least ameliorate the situation. On Nov. 6 we can vote on a proposition that will directly affect us at this school where we need it most—classes.

Proposition 30., Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, will raise the current sales tax from 7.25 percent to 7.5 percent and will levy an increase in income taxes on those who make over $250,000.

The tax hike is slated to bring in $6 billion in revenue to the state, $6.7 million of which could be dropped into the PCC budget, according to President Mark Rocha.

With the extra $6 million, the administration can add more classes in the summer semester that could not have been guaranteed if the proposition is not passed.

Raising sales tax in a harsh economy and straining the wealthy for money is not a pretty picture for a state that has had terrible public budget policy, but we essentially have no choice other than to vote yes on Proposition 30.

If it is not passed the state budget will have a $6 billion shortfall, which will result in ‘trigger cuts’ to public schools. PCCs trigger cut will be to the tune of $6 million, meaning—in the best case scenario—a depleted summer semester class selection.

No matter what your political affiliation, no matter what your opinion is on how the school has handled the state budget cuts, the cutting of classes and elimination of winter, if you are a student, a teacher, an administrator, or affiliated with PCC in any way, you should vote yes on Proposition 30.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated about the limited number of classes, now is your chance to do something about it. This is our chance to vote on a statewide level to positively benefit our school directly. Help yourself out by helping out the school.

3 Replies to “Editorial: Everyone should vote for Proposition 30”

  1. If PCC would just spend the $40 million it has in reserve we wouldn’t even need Prop 30. The problem isn’t a lack of money, it’s the people at the top refusing to let it go.

  2. What a LIAR this “Outside Author” is!!!
    First of all, in Pasadena the sales tax is now 8.750% and if this scam prop 30 passes, we will all be paying 10% sales tax.

    If you were to look at the WORDING of prop 30 you would see it guarantees NO money for schools–it’s a scam!

    The specific wording says “Guarantees public safety realignment funding” which is for prisons,

    and “Revenues available for funding state budget.” This is a total scam and they are trying to brainwash/ fool the students. Just check the language and you will see. These lies prove how desperate these liberals are, just starving for more of YOUR money that they don’t know how to manage correctly.

    VOTE NO ON PROP 30!!!

  3. Two members of the LA County Board of Supervisors did not give their recommendation to Prop. 30–they felt that it’s not fair for the state to raise taxes until it gets its finances in order. I agree. Actually the state budget has a much bigger hole than $6 billion–it also has 50 times that amount in unfunded pension liabilities. Prop. 30 money will really be used for pensions, not schools. But if you think that big defined benefits pensions are okay for public workers while cities file for bankruptcy, then by all means vote yes on 30.

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