The installation of new campus security cameras is a valuable asset to all students and faculty. Having cameras in open campus areas, parking structures, and building exteriors will help give everyone on campus peace of mind.  

Everyone has the right to feel safe while on campus, and these cameras could help bring down crime, keep students safe at night, and deter violence.  

“All of the cameras will be exterior. Anywhere vehicles are parked on campus, there will be cameras there,” said Peter Benson in a recent Courier article.

Many people believe that the cameras are an invasion of privacy.  Is the campus truly a private place?

  No, this is a public campus, and anything done in public shouldn’t need to be hidden. All cameras are in public areas, not classrooms, or offices.

Parking structures and dark corners of buildings are great places for prowlers and thieves to break into cars or assault someone.

The PCC Police and Safety officers try to make things safer for everyone.  The real question concerning the cameras is whether or not the campus police will use the cameras effectively and if they will actually reduce the amount of crime on campus.

At a cost of over $1 million, it is somewhat doubtful that almost 200 cameras on campus are needed.  The police blotter doesn’t seem to have very many serious crimes in it, so could this money have been spent on more important areas of education?  

At first the price might cause some shock, but with all the students, employees and expensive property on campus, it is a necessary use of funds.

 We all want to feel safe at school or work.  These cameras come at a high cost, but in the long run, will help lower crime and violence.

A school cannot provide a proper education if the students, faculty and staff do not feel safe on campus.

 Safety is and should be the number one concern for safety officials, and students and faculty. 

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