PCC has paid Dustin Lance Black close to $26,000 to not take legal action against the institution after Black was disinvited to be the commencement speaker back in May.

Black’s invitation was rescinded after school officials learned of a stolen sex tape featuring the Oscar winner. School officials feared that having Black speak at commencement would hurt the school’s reputation.

Nearly $26,000 is a lot of money to shell out in order to avoid bad publicity. Black hinted in an open letter to the school that he might take legal action against the college, but no official case was ever brought forward.

PCC’s method of dealing with potential problems has to be better than simply throwing money at it.

At this point, it appears that the school is paying “hush money” in order to cover its tracks after the debacle that was “Commencement-Gate 2014.”

One thing to take into account is that if this case were to actually go to trial, the $26,000 that they paid Black would look like pocket change compared to the legal fees that would come from a full fledged lawsuit.

Could it be that the money spent is some sort of reparations for the inconvenience caused by the commencement situation? Black had to cancel appointments and rearrange his schedule multiple times in order to speak at the commencement ceremony.

At the same time, that’s $26,000 that could have gone to serving students rather than cleaning up the publicity problems of the administration.

If the administration handled the situation correctly when it first arose, they would have avoided the subsequent bad situations that arose as a result.

We hate to see that the tuition money of PCC’s roughly 29,000 students is going to fixing the PR messes of the Board and other organizations on campus.


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