Many students may wonder what the $10 Student Activity Fee is and why they have to pay it every time they register for a class.  
Without the student Activity Fee, attending the college would be a much-diminished experience for students.
The Student Activity Fee is a good way for activities to be funded in the current economy.  This fee is used to pay for a large number of PCC activities that enrich student life on campus.
The most reoccurring issue with the fee lies in letting students know where the fee is being spent, and how they can benefit from it. 
 The fee is named the Student Activity Fee, and it by definition is used to fund activities and programs beneficial to students. 
The fee is casually placed on the bill when a student registers for classes, and many students just pay the fee and forget about it. Many believe that the fee should not be imposed on all students. 
Students that do not participate in clubs and other student activity fee funded events may not wish to pay for activities they are not using.  
These students, for the most part, have little knowledge about where the money is spent. Since all the activities funded by the fee are available to all students, the money is being spent directly on students.
Those who object to paying the fee must know that it is refundable.  Students can get their refund by going to the Student Affairs Office and filling out a refund form.
 The refund form states, “The Student Activity Fee allows the Associated Students to provide scholarships, leadership opportunities, cultural programs and other co-curricular programs.”
 It also says that the fee allows students to purchase discounted “Metro I-Pass” bus passes, movie tickets, and discount amusement park tickets, such as to Magic Mountain and Universal Studios.  
Why isn’t this information available while registering for classes? It should be. 
Students are only exposed to this information when they have already picked up the refund form.  
This fee is important to the college.  If PCC were unable to fund its more than 70 clubs, there would be no access to fun activities and resources otherwise available to every student, at no charge. 
 If there were no funding for the transit pass program, students riding the bus would have to pay full price for their bus passes.
The Student Activity Fee supports other things like Associated Student events, intramural sports, counseling, student success center, veteran’s services, and photo ID services. 
As the future of the fee is debated, more emphasis needs to be put on where the money is spent, and showing how students can benefit from it.

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