This past weekend the Courier staff attended the Journalism Association of Community Colleges State Conference in Burbank where we not only attended panels and workshops but also competed in State Publication contests and On-the-Spot contests. We did extremely well individually and as a whole, winning a total of 19 awards including the Pacesetter Award, which is given to the top four student publications in the state.

Here at the Courier we could not be happier about our performances and know that we would not have done as well as we did without the constant support and encouragement we get from our two advisers, Nathan McIntire and Tim Berger.

Some of us have been on the paper for years and others have just started, but the one thing that remains constant is McIntire and Berger’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching Journalism. Coming from all different paths in life, each of us have found our own way into the newsroom and it has forever changed our lives. As a staff member of the Courier one must be ready to drive in, work hard and take on more responsibility than any other class. But it’s with the help of our advisers that we are able to take on the tasks given to us weekly and learn how to become better writers, photographers and reporters.

Their dedication to the Courier and their passion for the field of Journalism resonates through us as students whenever we successfully complete an assignment or any of us are recognized for the work that we do on the paper. They are always willing to help at any given moment while offering endless words of encouragement along with constructive advice on how to improve, which drives us to continuously do our best and make them proud.

One of our favorite moments from our experience at the JACC conference was seeing our adviser McIntire, cheering for us and beaming with pride as we won award after award. We not only strive to do well to get a good grade but so they can be proud of us and the work that we produce. When we win, they win and our success is a true testament to the commitment they both bring to the program and us as students.

We are extremely happy with the success we have seen and even more so, we are proud to work with two teachers who are not only our advisers but also our mentors. We are forever grateful to both of them and believe that their lessons will take us all further than any of us could ever imagine.

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