Re: “Educators support aid for illegal immigrants” (Sept. 8)

I find it hard to believe that in these economical times the school newspaper is supporting the Dream Act without as far as I know stating the other side. 

Illegal is illegal no matter how you want to phrase it [as in] undocumented immigrant.  

A few facts to look at; the state is broke, students that are citizens cannot get financial aid. It is against federal law to hire illegal or undocumented immigrants. 

The fact that our state chooses to pass this law is against the federal law that states it is a crime to aid and abet illegal immigrants. Immigrants that have become citizens through legal means are getting a big slap in the face.

 What about our legal citizens “Dream Act”? Every year I have students denied financial aid [because of] some rule that makes them ineligible for available funds.

Why aren’t wise and fair minded representatives working on a bill that would change the financial aid requirements so that our citizens can qualify?  If there is excess money in the financial aid budget it should be put back into the state [general] funds, and be used to balance our current budget.

  The representatives in Sacramento do not seem to have trouble moving money around to support their own favorite projects.  Where is the outrage from President Obama that was expressed when Arizona tried to force the federal government to do its job and enforce our immigration laws?

  It is these types of acts that continue to put us in the financial crisis we face today.

The head line of the Sept. 8 article reads. “Educators support aid for illegal immigrants.”  Which educators are you talking about?  The next time you put a survey in the paper or on a web page ask the educators what percentage of their income or retirement funds they are willing to donate to the Dream Act and see if they truly support it.

The first paragraph of the article is incorrect. A little bit of research would have revealed that the state of Texas has already passed a similar version of the “Dream Act.”  Gov. Perry has taken a lot of heat for this act.

 The jobless rate is at 12 percent in California and do we want to educate immigrants to compete for the few jobs that our legal graduates are hoping to get. Industries hiring immigrants are breaking the law and adding to the financial crisis by avoiding the payment of taxes. 

Our citizens and legal students should be up in arms opposing this outrageous misuse of authority by our elitist leaders in Sacramento.

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