The stomach-churning misogyny of Donald Trump has been on full display this entire election. From calling women pigs, ugly, objectifying Miss Universe contestants to his recently leaked comments about sexually assaulting women. However, nothing he’s done was more repulsive than the stunt he attempted to pull on Secretary Hillary Clinton during Sunday night’s debate.

According to NBC News Trump brought three women to the debate who had previously accused her husband Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and one woman who was allegedly raped by a man whom Secretary Clinton represented as a defense attorney many years ago.

Not only did Trump hold a press conference with the four women before the debate, but according to NBC News, “The four women planned to walk in the debate hall at the same time as the former president and confront him in front of a live television audience, according to sources close to the situation.”

While the stunt was foiled at the last minute by the Commission on Presidential Debates, this behavior is indicative of the obvious sociopathy we’ve come to expect from a grandiose narcissist like Trump.

It was nothing more than an attempt to humiliate a woman the only way he knows how, which is sexually. He wanted to remind everyone that not only had her husband cheated on her, but he wanted to use former president Clinton’s past indiscretions to say that they were a reflection of her.

The Washington Post reported that the fourth woman, Kathy Shelton was the woman whose alleged rapist was defended by Secretary Clinton.

“Shelton was 12 years old when she accused a 41-year-old man of raping her. Hillary Clinton was selected by a judge to defend the man, who eventually pleaded to a lesser charge.”

In such an historical election year, where we are on the verge of having the first woman to ever be elected president, this kind of misogyny is, unfortunately, indicative of the kind of rape culture and sexism that has been accepted as normal.

Attacking Secretary Clinton for doing her job as a defense attorney to ensure that her client received due process is quite the paradox from a candidate who claims constitutional comprehension.

First, we must acknowledge the irony of a man who was just revealed to have been bragging about sexually assaulting women, now trying to humiliate another woman by rubbing her husband’s accusers in her face in the midst of a presidential debate.

Not only was Trump caught on tape admitting to assault, but the New York Times interviewed a woman named Jill Hearth who also accused Trump of sexual assault.

Hearth and her longtime boyfriend were in meetings with Trump to forge a business partnership. “He was relentless,” Hearth recalled in an interview, describing how on Dec. 12, 1992, he took the couple to dinner and a club — and then situated himself beside Hearth and ran his hands up her skirt, to her crotch. “I didn’t know how to handle it. I would go away from him and say I have to go to the restroom. It was the escape route.””

Second, we have to acknowledge the inherent sexism in expecting a female presidential candidate to answer for her spouse’s misdeeds, while no other male candidate has had to answer for the actions of their spouse. The fact that Hillary Clinton is being subjected to a different set of rules is discernible hypocrisy.

Third, and this has been completely overlooked, we must acknowledge the hypocrisy of the women who accused Bill Clinton of assault who then had no qualms about showing up for Trump. Women who’ve spoken out about their own alleged sexual assaults for years, agreed to act as political pawns for a known misogynist who was just on tape admitting to sexually assaulting other women. These women sat next to him smiling and confident during their impromptu press conference, no doubt missing the disgusting irony of their own actions.

There is absolutely a valid discussion to be had about Bill Clinton’s actions when he was president. However, Donald Trump has no interest in that discussion, nor does he care about the women he paraded out into the arena. His actions were nothing but an attempt to deflect from his own repulsive behavior, by trying to shame, degrade and humiliate a woman who he believes is inferior to himself.

To her credit, Secretary Clinton remained composed, calm and in control during the debate, but it was still difficult and degrading to watch. She stood firm, did not respond to his personal attacks and did it with the utmost of equanimity.

It’s an absolute disgrace that she had to endure that behavior, in which we as the media and as a society are complicit in, by giving him a platform for his revolting rhetoric and behavior.

Trump sees women as nothing more than objects for his own use and disposal. His behavior was nothing more than an ego-fueled rage out over a woman who is clearly more intelligent, more capable and more worthy of holding the office of the Presidency, while he shouldn’t be trusted to man a toll booth on an abandoned highway.


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