A night that should be full of making memories and having the time of your life while jamming out to your favorite artists is not the place when you should be thinking of if you are going to make it out alive or not.

May 22 in Manchester, 22 were killed after a suicide attack following the Ariana Grande concert at Britain’s Manchester Arena. What began as Concert goers leaving the area in peace after seeing Ariana Grande just moments before turned into a frenzy of panic and distress as attendees looked for the nearest safe exit.

Concerts are a place where fans go to feel safe, to feel at one with the artist and with everyone around them since they all share the same love for the music.


As a frequent concert goer myself I have never felt fear in going to a concert in the many years I have been going to concerts here in Southern California. I have made some of my best memories at concerts. I have met so many amazing people, some I still talk to today, and even met the artists. During those moments, I never feared for my life because this was my safe space. Some fans even go to the extent of saying they feel at home when at a concert and I can personally relate.

Yes security may be a bit annoying when you have to pass the giant metals detectors and get your bag searched but in reality I would rather go through a 5 minute rigorous security check then risk someone sneaking in some sort of weapon or dangerous object.

Artist worldwide all gather to show Ariana Grande their support on twitter, just like many fans did as well. Hashtags such as #prayformanchester #PrayForAri #OneLoveManchester #ItsNotYourFaultAri trended on Twitter for days after the attack.


For the most part those incidents and tragedies and incidents happen to lack of security. According to USA Today the department of Homeland Security says the U.S. public may experience increased security in and around public places and events.

Concert venues can range from a capacity of 20 to 200,00, and depending on the capacity and location of a concert venue sadly also affect the level of security at a venue. Big venues like the Staples Center and The Forum conduct only the bag check and people do have to go through metal detectors.

Concert security should focus more on actual safety of the concerts goers and staff rather than whether or not I brought refreshments. The focus needs to be on safety and making sure no contraband has made it into the venue. Venues tend focus on petty things like not allowing water or that certain bag are not allowed in.

Venues do make money of food and beverage purchases by not allowing food and water in but there is bigger concerns than sneaking in a water bottle. Of course there is also issue of people people throwing object at other people or the artist but if concerts goers have intentions of throwing an object they can also throw the cups the are given by the venue when purchasing a drink.

No matter the size of a concert venue or the capacity,the place that is used to hold any large amount of people in a room should invest in better security for the public. Everyone knows the dangers of having low security, but still we complain about taking off our shoes at the airport

According to The Guardian police in the UK are determined to boost their security at concert halls after the Ariana Grande incident. It is said ticket holders should expect rigorous security check before entering an arena or venue.

“Here in London we are determined to do all we can to protect the capital. That means that over the coming days as you go to a music venue, go shopping, travel to work or head off to the fantastic sporting events you will see more officers – including armed officers.” said Commander Jane Connors

According to Daily Mail parents forbid to send their children to concerts in fear that their children will be caught up in a terror attack. Every parent has the right to fear for their children’s life when at a public outing like a concert but they should not live in fear.

We do live in a world where we run the risk of something bad happening to us at any moment of the day anywhere. The same risk that we run of being in a terror attack at a concert is the same risk we run of being caught in a terror attack out on the street on a regular day.

We do not need to live in fear, if we live in fear we will miss out on all the beautiful things that life has to offer.


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