Women’s History Month in March recognizes the many and often overlooked steps women have taken to change the world around them. At PCC, programs and clubs on campus tailored to uplifting and motivating women are visible all year long.

PCC’s Student Health Services not only provide bandages and pamphlets, but the school’s female population can also benefit from a variety of services.

“There’s just general things that we offer, such as oral contraceptives, blood work and, as part of the health fee, it includes personal counseling,” said Nairy Tatlian, a health education assistant.

Few are aware that they also offer Pap tests with only a $26 fee for the appointment.

Students also find empowerment in their female professors. Misty Henry, a female welding instructor, strives to teach her students confidence.

“The people that question you, shame them with performance,” she said.

Having to overcome a lot of barriers herself, Henry describes countless accounts of sexism in the male-dominated field of welding.

“That was my way of getting over all the people who were giving me a hard time in the beginning … I just made them look like [crap]” she said.

These life lessons are being passed on to her female students too.

“Knowing that it’s mostly a male dominated career, that didn’t really phase me,” said Alicia Mcclellan, one of Henry’s students. “You know, if you’re good at something, I think that speaks for itself.”

Many clubs on campus are devoted to aiding girls in their journey to exploring their majors.

She.Codes and S.W.E (Society of Women Engineers) are clubs dedicated to creating an opportunity for women to share an open social space and encourage all females to explore their interested fields and majors.

On their club’s Lancerlife page, She.Codes states their club purpose is “to support and encourage women to pursue computer science and provide a network of community.”

S.W.E provides a similar message for their prospective members, as they advocate for “the inclusion of women in engineering and [to] increase the engineering fields to the female student body.”

At PCC, many clubs and staff are motivated and driven to aiding women.

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