It isn’t about being the best artist or creative director but the key thing is about collaboration, Brian Allgeier, creative director of Insomniac Games told the students gathered in The Circadian on Dec 2.  He stressed this throughout his presentation.

Allgeier, who is known for designing the video game series “Ratchet and Clank,” presented a two dimensional slide show to the group that showed what it takes to be in the gaming industry.  The students were very responsive, asked many questions and appreciated him being there.  

“I love Brian’s games and I learned there are a lot of components in the gaming industry,” said Danny Garcia, environmental engineering.

When he was in his 20s, he worked a hundred hours a week.   “I bought a suit and tie to go on interviews but wasn’t getting a job,” Allgeier said.  He was searching to find work in the video gaming industry.  He is animated in his mannerisms, moving his hands and smiling in a way that lets one know he is happy.  

He started noticing on interviews that the people were wearing T-shirts, jeans and were unshaven.  “I decided to try it, and I got a job,” Allgeier said. The crowd laughed with him.

The event was sponsored by the Computer Science Club.  

“We wanted to give members an interactive experience and insight into the industry,” said John Castillo, Computer Science Club president.

Allgeier is realistic about the industry, it is hard work and a lot of hours but he is also encouraging.   

“Anytime you create something and are not sure, just follow it and lead it to where it needs to go,” Allgeier said.

As a kid he was fascinated by video games such as Asteroids.  He has fond memories of playing games with his family and wanted to bring this back with video games which he calls support cooperation.  

Insomniac Games is currently working towards its next game, Over Strike which Allgeier hopes is successful.

Brian Allgeier, a veteran of video game design, gives a lecture on Dec. 2 about the finer points of working in the industry. (Max Perez / Courier)

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