The Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Saturday morning regarding anticipated litigation after Oscar winner and PCC alumnus Dustin Lance Black mentioned he may take legal action against the college for disinviting him to be this year’s commencement speaker.

In an open letter to PCC students, Black mentioned there would be legal matters regarding commencement.

Black’s assistant confirmed in an email that had “booked flights” and made arrangements to be at this year’s commencement ceremony, even if that meant flying from Chicago in the morning to make it by 4 pm on May 9. He also confirmed that Black was meeting with his legal team earlier this week and would try and make time to speak with the Courier after legal action had taken place.

“Mr. Black is in talks with his legal team and won’t be able to conduct a phone interview and officially respond about these events until after legal action has taken place. This is currently underway,” the email reads.

Now all that is left is a response from the college, which a district representative stated would come on Monday.

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