About 100 universities, ranging from UCs, CSUs, and private colleges were there to aid students with any questions about transferring.PCC students of different majors gathered around the quad on Monday for the annual University Day.

“University Day is a opportunity for students to explore their transfer options,” said Dina Chase, director of outreach and transfer services.

University Day is offered twice a semester at PCC. Chase said students should take advantage of the event.

“With the state budget right now students should prepare early and apply widely,” Chase said.

Some of the universities that participated in the event were UCLA, USC, Arizona State and CSULA.

Kim Koenigsberger, a representative for San Diego State University said University Day is an advantage for students.

“It gives them [students] exposure to different universities,” Koenigsberger said. “They can get the answers and it’s always helpful when it’s a one-on-one conversation.”

Lauren Smith, music education major, plans to transfer in fall 2010.

“This event is helpful. I wish I would have done it sooner,” she said.

Monique Thomas, of the Financial Aid office said University Day assists students. “It’s helpful for students in that they can make contacts with different universities,” Thomas said.

For anyone who missed the event, Nov. 4 will be University Night.

“University Night helps evening students look at their transfer options. We will have different representatives from universities who can assist them with any questions they ask,” Chase said.

Students walk through the Quad, where UCs, CSUs and private institutions set up on Monday to aid those looking to transfer. (Michael Cheng)

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