The performing arts and communications division presented “The Apple Tree” in the Little Theater. The musical showcased students singing, acting, and dancing. Whitney Rydbeck directed “The Apple Tree”.

The choreography was done by Richard Kuller and music director/conductor Joshua Kranz provided the music.

“The Apple Tree” is from the creators of another musical “Fiddler on a Roof.”

“The Apple Tree” featured three one-act musicals, “The Diary of Adam and Eve,” “The Lady or The Tiger,” and “Passionella.”

“The Diary of Adam and Eve” is a modernized version of the biblical story with a twist.

Actors Allie Olson and Quan Pham played comic roles as Adam and Eve. The actors showed great connection during their scenes.

Preitain Soehardigo, film major, enjoyed the act.

“It was a good act. The two actors had some great chemistry,” he said.

Olson, who played Eve, loved working with her co-star Quan.

“He was fun to work with and we got close during our rehearsals,” she said.

Kuller said the cast and crew only had five to six weeks of rehearsal, but said the cast members were pros. Kuller said he loves working with Rydbeck.

“Rydbeck and I enjoy collaborating together. We both worked hard to put on this great show and it all worked out,” he said

The second act was “The Lady and the Tiger” which featured plenty of choreography from the actors.

Kristian Espiritu played Princess Barbara, who falls in love with Captain Sanjar, played by Alex Mashikan.

“We had to rehearse in a five week period which was tough but it was amazing and I had a great time (doing the show),” Espiritu said.

The last act that presented was “Passionella,” a modern day version of Cinderella.

Lindsay Styler played both Ella and Passionella. She was very comedic as both of the characters were different.

Ella is an unemployed worker who wants to have a career in Hollywood, which she gets as Passionella who resembles Marilyn Monroe.

Passionella is Ella’s alter ego who becomes a huge movie star during the Hollywood glam era.

At the end, the full cast all came on stage singing and taking their final bow as a group.

Nolan Pack attended the show and loved the Passionella character.

“She was a fun character, she was great. I can relate to the character,” he said.

Rydbeck was impressed with his actors’ performance.

“We have an exceptional talent and cast. They are all great actors, dancers and singers. They all did a superb job,” he said.

“The Apple Tree” is recommended to people who love musicals with plenty of singing, dancing, and comedic scenes.

“The Apple Tree” will have showings tonight at 8p.m., Friday night at 8 p.m., and Saturday at 2 p.m., and then again at 8 p.m. All of the shows will be at the Little Theater.

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