In the mid-seventies shag carpet was all the rage. But to children like my mom and my aunt squash wasn’t. My mother, Kimberly Staub, explains this concept:”Me and your aunt didn’t like your grandmother’s squash, so we would shove it under the shag. We would look at each other and just crack up .We thought we were getting away with murder. Grandma said she never knew, ” she said.

Thanksgiving has the propensity to create memorable events that carry with one for the remainder of their lives. It is a day of celebratory football, face stuffing, and first class family fun. But a day surrounded by familiar faces often births events that end up more embarrassing than they are heart-felt “Charlie Brown” moments.

“My brother took what he thought was a dish of gravy, and smothered his plate in it. None of us told him that it wasn’t gravy. After he took a bite he started to cry. It was horse radish,” said 22 year-old English major Erica Tom.

Long after the embarrassing occurrence, Tom’s family continues to remind her brother of the time he mistook Horseradish for gravy.

” Pretty much every year now we make fun of him about it. My Grandpa always gets a kick out of asking if he needs any horseradish for his turkey, ” Said Tom.

Some families’ versions of a holiday gone wrong are more austere than others.

“We all had our heads down for prayer. When all the sudden I hear my aunt screaming: ‘Fire! Fire!’ when I looked up sure enough the whole dinner table had caught on fire. While my aunt ran for the kitchen the rest of the family ran outside. She couldn’t find anything to put it out. One of my cousins tried to spit it out,” laughed 19 year-old Todd Hessick.

For reasons quite obvious, turkey day and household fire-related accidents run parallel. Popular as of late is a method for cooking turkey involving a scalding pot of oil, a flowered turkey suspended from a chain, and a whole lot of danger.

“My Friend wanted to fry a turkey. He had a rig all set up and everything, but he forgot to thaw the turkey,” said 20 year-old Vladimir Velcic-Fisher.

When you forget to thaw a turkey intended to fry in hot oil the effect is something similar to what holiday insurance commercials warn about.

“When he put the turkey in the deep-fryer it blew up. The fire ended up burning his house down. It was pretty sad,” said Velcic-Fisher.

A grease fire can be disastrous. However even the most wrecking affairs eventually get laughed at. Velcic-Fisher admits that his friend’s family now joke about the year their son burned their house down trying to deep-fry the turkey.

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