A new anonymous survey, E-checkuptogo, was added to PCC’s homepage just before Thanksgiving in hopes of helping students overcome drug and alcohol abuse problems.

According to the Psychological Services department, in 2010-2011 there was a 400 percent increase in students who reported that alcohol or marijuana use negatively affected their academic performance compared to the previous academic year.

In this same time period the campus police reported 37 student drug violations and six alcohol-related violations.

“The purpose of E-checkuptogo is to motivate students to reduce or eliminate their use of alcohol or marijuana,” said Dr. Richard Beyer, counseling psychologist, “by using personalized information about their own habits and risk factors.”

The survey was developed by San Diego State University and is currently being used by over 600 colleges and universities internationally. Eight of them are California community colleges.

Although this program is being used internationally, it is customized for PCC.

“Myself along with some other members on the Associated Students Board have customized some of the questions particular to our campus,” said Beyer.

To take the survey, each student who logs onto the website is issued an identification number known only to them and the results can only be seen by that individual.  

According to Beyer, the approaches to intervention range from having meetings on campus, a drug and alcohol awareness day or week, and inviting speakers to come on campus. He assured the chosen methods of intervention will depend heavily on the survey results.

The aggregate results, without any student being identified, are collected and can only be accessed by Beyer, who will use the results to plan outreach and intervention strategies for the campus.

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