About $4.4 million in new state funds will be used to add classes to the summer sessions after the Board’s approval at the December meeting.

At least 750 classes are planned for the summer term, according to officials.

If the college receives its deferral check from the state in May as expected, this summer will offer the most courses in recent PCC history, according to Director of Institutional Effectiveness Crystal Kollross.

The majority of classes being considered are required for certificate transfer degrees, or general education certification (IGETC), according to Kollross.

The counseling and enrollment management teams worked closely together to create the courses planned for summer, as well as some more to be added to this semester, according to Dean of Counseling Cynthia Olivo.

“We try to make sure that the goals that students are aiming to achieve are offered [with class availability],” said Olivo.

Since the Board meeting, when no language classes were planned for summer, more language classes requested by faculty have been added to the proposed summer course list, according to Kollross. Various levels of Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese, as well as Italian for students who wish to study abroad.

“We looked at students who transferred to UCs that we could find and then we looked back at what languages they took here, and predominantly which languages they took, we added to the summer list,” Kollross said

With the new analytic information system (AIS) Banner on its way, students and faculty alike won’t have to request which classes need to be planned and offered for transfer, according to Olivo.

“I am looking forward to our new program, Banner, because then it will not be individual people saying what classes are offered, it will be Degreeworks. In the future, all you have to do is run a report [for] what courses are left for the students to take. It gets a little tricky when you have people informing what classes should be offered,” she said.

“We never want to leave anyone out … really it’s just offering classes student need to complete their goals … it’s the most important thing.”


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