(Created by: Daniel Valencia)
(Created by: Daniel Valencia)

Associated Students (AS) President Jordyn Orozco is pushing for the school to make an effort to renew its lapsed contract with Pepsi to boost revenue for student services.

“It’s something that is near the top of my list to get done before I transfer,” Orozco said. “A huge part of our budget comes from food services with a contract, we would know for sure how much money we would be getting year to year.”

The contract with Pepsi would essentially grant the company exclusive rights to sell soft drinks on campus in exchange for guaranteeing a set amount of money that would be allocated towards the AS budget, the Student Service Fund and the PCC General Fund.

Orozco said that 60 percent of food services’ net profits go to the Student Service Fund, which helps provide support to programs on campus that help students. He said that the other 40 percent went to help support the AS and partially support maintenance for food services on campus.

Senior Vice President Robert Bell said that renewing the contract had not been a priority until now, but he understood the need to change that.

“I know why our student president wants to get this done,” Bell said. “I’ve been talking to Orozco and will be working to get a new contract in place before he transfers out.”

Both Orozco and Bell explained that previous contracts with Pepsi had made the school around $250,000 per year.

“Right now,” Orozco said, “we are just ordering supplies from them as we need them. Without the contract, we aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of money a year. With the contract in place, Pepsi would assure us at least the set price that we negotiated on with them.”

Bell said the next step would be to start negotiating with competing companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi and see who offered more.

“We would like to start this process next semester,” Bell said. “This is something that we need to get done for the students and I’m always here to help students succeed. I’m confident that we’ll have a contract in place before the end of next semester.”

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