The languages division will host the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), or Standardized Chinese Proficiency Test on May 17, with nearly 100 people enrolled for the test. PCC is the only community college in the nation that offers the once-a-year exam.Though the deadline to enroll for the test, April 28, has passed, students can better prepare for next year. “Compared to last year’s number of people enrolled (80), we have a big turn out,” said Cathy Wei, Chinese professor and organizer of the HSK test.

“I’m really happy. I wasn’t expecting so many people enrolling for the test.” PCC students are not the only ones enrolled in the test, as many four-year university and graduate students and professionals around Southern California have signed up for the exam as well.

The test, issued by the State Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test of China, offers three levels: Basic, Beginning-Intermediate, and Advanced. Two different versions, either traditional or simplified Chinese will be offered.

By completing the test successfully, HSK-test-takers obtain a certificate of Chinese proficiency, which is recognized in the East Asia area. The test is highly recommended to business majors and anyone who is interested in international relations. The certificate upon completion of the exam is recognized worldwide and is a boost to any resume.

“This is not like any other test,” added Wei. “We contacted the Chinese ministry of Education to make this possible.”

Though the number of people registered in the United States for the HSK was low compared to the rest of the world, the test was a success in 2007, as 200,000 people in the world registered, explained Wei.

“It is very prestigious for [the language division’s] program to host the test,” said Wei. “We are recognized by the Chinese ministry of education for our well-established translating program.”

Universities, such as Kennesaw State University (Georgia), University of San Francisco, University of Michigan, are among the seven other places where people can take advantage of this opportunity. People, who excel on their test, might qualify for the HSK Excellent Scholarship to study out a Chinese university for one month in the summer. The test will take place at the foreign language labs; D Building, rooms 301 and 306.

“This will be a good chance for the [test-takers] to verify their Chinese proficiency,” Wei said. “Hopefully, there will be more people enrolled for next year’s HSK.

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