First order of business: let the wild rumpus start.The most anticipated movie of the fall, director Spike Jonzes’ adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s childhood classic “Where the Wild Things Are,” now has an official soundtrack.

The album is a compilation of original songs sung by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ front woman Karen O, who is accompanied by the Kids, a group of indie-rock all-stars that includes two of the Raconteurs, Deerhunter singer Bradford Cox, Greg Kurstin of the Bird and the Bee, and her fellow Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

A choir of actual kids, making the ensemble’s name fit, joins in for some of the album’s most chant-worthy tracks, like the frolicking “All is Love”.

Fans of Arcade Fire, and their influential track “Wake Up,” which received a lot of praise after its use in the movie’s theatrical trailer, might be bummed to learn that the song isn’t actually on the soundtrack.

But fear not, the nostalgic qualities of the childlike shout-along that make that track so amazing seems to be what Spike Jonze (the executive album producer) had in mind when undergoing the creation of this unique album.

Karen O’s melodic and laid back vocal techniques, combined with the floating styles of rumbling folk-pop arrangements makes for a list of 14 listen-worthy tracks.

This is not the first time Karen O has done music for a Jonze production. The two collaborated before on an Adidas commercial, when O wrote another unforgettable original, “Hello Tomorrow.”

So really this album is just another step in step with a wonderful working relationship that seems to hold unlimited potential for creating powerfully moving music.

The album cover for “Where the Wild Things Are.” (Brian Warouw)

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