Most of the Associated Student board have never stepped foot on the Rosemead campus of PCC, but that hasn’t’ stopped them from assuring students there that their needs and comments will be heard.

The satellite site on Rosemead Boulevard is isolated and far from the main campus. This makes it difficult to address student concerns and offer them the representation they need. However the AS, along with Rosemead director Raquel Torres-Retana, plan to discuss how best to serve the students at Rosemead.

The issue was brought to the administration’s attention after they hosted a survey on the Rosemead campus.

According to Torres-Retana, student success at Rosemead is the administration’s highest priority.

We have a suggestion box on our front counter in the lobby and I met monthly with the Student Advisory Group to hear their thoughts and concerns and share information about the Rosemead site,” said Torres-Retana.

Torres-Retana’s decision to request extra money from the Student Services Fund Committee to buy the students at Rosemead a microwave inspired AS President Irving Morales to pay more attention to PCC’s sister site.

I do understand,” said Morales. “I’m a college student. I know how it feels when I’m starving and I have my food and I can’t warm it up anywhere.”

Morales plans to eventually visit the campus with his board several times.

We do have our students there and we want to hear their wants and needs,” said Morales.

The AS president wants to use the visits as a chance for his board to familiarize themselves with the departments and host a forum so that the AS can talk to the students to find out what they want on campus.

The plans are all tentative for right now; however, Morales plans to coordinate with Torres-Retana to figure out when the best time to visit would be.

We’ve never done an event at Rosemead and I want to change that this year,” said Morales.

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