Restrooms across campus were closed for several hours today after a water main ruptured in the west Quad.The campus was notified through the PCC Emergency Alert System via a text message sent at 9:23 a.m.

The message read, “PCC broken water main in west quad. No danger. Water will be shut off campus wide for 1/2 hour. Reframe from using bathrooms. Will advise when water is on.”

Students and staff were asked by campus safety to go off campus to use the restrooms.

“I’ve tried to go to four restrooms. It’s not frustrating but I do have to go badly, said PCC student Marco Ramirez.

The main restrooms in the GM building and others on campus were monitored by campus cadets. Even though the cadets could not give any details. Staff and students who managed to get into a restroom were advised over a radio broadcast “not to flush.”

The PCC restrooms were shut down all over campus until 11:05 a.m. when facilities notified bystanders that the restrooms were operational. “They may have to be shut back down,” said a facilities worker.

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