Former Courier adviser Warren Swil will be reinstated as an instructor next spring following the end of an investigation pertaining to sexual harassment and grade retaliation complaints, according to college officials.

It is still to be determined if Swil will return as the Courier adviser next year, according to administrative officials.

Swil received a letter from the college explaining his reinstatement on Friday, and he described the experience as “surreal.”

“I am greatly relieved that this long, terrible ordeal is almost over,” Swil said via email. “It has been unimaginably traumatic and was totally unnecessary.”

Swil, 61, was under investigation and put on paid administrative leave in March for complaints regarding sexual harassment and grade retaliation by Courier staff member Raymond Bernal.

Bernal referred the Courier to his lawyer, who could not immediately be reached for comment Monday

The results of the investigation are being withheld to protect Swil, according to General Counsel Gail Cooper.

“It is important to remember that no matter how much interest there may be, Mr. Swil has a right of privacy in his personnel information that the District must protect,” Cooper said via email.

Faculty Association President Roger Marheine described Swil’s reinstatement as a victory for faculty members on campus.

“[The administration] overreacted to what would normally be considered a minor discussion,” Marheine said.

However, while Swil will return as an instructor on Jan. 13, it is unclear if Swil can come to the campus to discuss his plans for next year.

“[Swil is] still in limbo. We don’t know if he can even come on campus at all yet,” Marheine said.

Joseph Futtner, dean of the Visual Arts and Media Studies division, took Bernal’s complaint regarding Swil’s alleged acts of sexual harassment and grade retaliation, but did not comment on his reinstatement.

For now, interim Courier adviser Nathan McIntire is contracted to continue his term until the end of Spring 2014.

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    Personally…I would pay BIG MONEY to possess such an artistic piece !


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