The Associated Students discussed the realignment plan and heard student suggestions to better the college at its second town hall meeting in the Circadian on Oct. 20.

AS Vice President for Academic Affairs Chris Fennessy and Chief Justice Simon Fraser facilitated the meeting, asking for feedback from those present.

“It’s beginning to get into full force on campus … it will change the idea of how the administration works. Currently we have 12 divisions on campus, and there are possibilities of having chairs set up instead of deans for [each] discipline,” said Fennessy.

This starts to bring out faculty issues as well as possible problems with contracts, bringing the budget issues to light and the complications with the longevity of the position, said Fennessy.

Students attending the meeting voiced their concerns over how the budget could be affected by the realignment as well as how it could limit availability for students to talk to the deans or department chair persons.

“There’s a major concern of [publicizing] the AS. There’s a new website … [and a] better on campus presence,” Fennessey said.

Fennessy and Fraser both said they hoped AS will seem more accessible to students with these monthly meetings, as well as the use of the new website.

A few students offered suggestions of sending every student an e-mail updating them on things such as policy and classroom changes or a short video to tell the campus what AS is currently doing.

“We’re just as passionate to get our image out there, and to hear from students and have students hear from us,” said Vice President for business affairs Daniela Rueda.

Also mentioned were concerns about the relocation of classes from the U-building, PE classes being cut, tutors being laid off, and the chance of tuition increasing this spring.

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