Monday, September 10

A subject was reported exiting the R building after hours. The building was secured and the subject was gone upon arrival of security.

Two subjects were observed sleeping near the Circadian. They were arrested/cited and released.

A report was taken for a student receiving unwanted gifts left on her vehicle from an unknown subject.

A hit and run was reported in the Lot 5 parking lot.

Two subjects got counseled and released after climbing trees near the Campus Center and L building.

Tuesday, September 11

A victim was transported to the hospital by paramedics after sustaining a fall near the R building.

A female subject was assaulted by her boyfriend. He was arrested and transported to the Pasadena Police Department.

A student reported he was involved in a verbal altercation with a group of people on the quad,he was then referred to Executive VP for a student complaint.

A student’s phone was taken after they left it in a bathroom stall in D building.

Two students were successfully assisted after being stuck in an elevator in R building.

Reports were made of two students in a verbal altercation near CC building. Security was unable to locate subjects.

A student reported that someone had scratched her car while parked in Lot 5.

Another student reported someone scratched her car, but left a note on her windshield in Lot 5.

A report was taken of graffiti in the men’s restroom in the V building.

Wednesday, September 12

A student observed a subject collapse in the CA building restroom. The subject was gone when security arrived.

A report was made of two students arguing over a missing item in the CA building. They were counseled and released.

A student was drinking alcohol while sitting at a desk in the computer lab in the Library, the subject was then cited and escorted off campus.

A hit and run occured in Lot 4.

A suspicious subject near Java Hut was reported, but no other action was taken.

A suspicious subject was in the restroom in the C building, but was gone when security arrived.

Thursday, September 13

A report was taken of two subjects in a physical confrontation in a vehicle in Lot 1. The subjects were counseled.

Two students got confined in the elevator of the R building, but then were successfully freed.

A vehicle struck a handicap sign on campus.

A report was taken of a hit and run in Lot 5.

Shoes were stolen from a student’s locker while they were attending class in the GM building.

Friday, September 14

At the mirror pools, two subjects were observed in a physical confrontation. Both subjects were counseled and advised to leave.

A report was made of a subject loitering near the R building, they were advised to leave.

Saturday, September 15

A cadet reported two subjects in Lot 5 possibly engaging in smoking activities, but the subjects were gone on the arrival of security.

Sunday, September 16

No activities were reported.

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