Monday, May 8

A homeless person was reported threatening to break into vehicles in Lot 10. Officer dispatched to the area, and the subject was counseled and released.

A woman was reported bothering students in the Piazza. Officer Gonzales made contact with the subject and escorted her off campus.

A facilities member reported three men arguing in Lot 5 level 3. Officer Chan arrived and spoke to the men and released them

Tuesday, May 9

A student reported a possible homeless person panhandling in the south of the R building. The homeless person was escorted off campus.

An officer was called to IT-200 to escort a subject out who doesn’t belong in the class. The subject left before the officer arrived.

A parking permit was reported stolen from a student’s vehicle at an off-campus location. Officer Despain took the report.

Staff reported someone near the CC-building who appeared to be intoxicated. Officer escorted the individual off campus.

A student reported to the officer that her phone was taken from the Women’s Restroom in the CC-building.

Wednesday, May 10

Witnesses reported someone throwing rocks at vehicles in Lot 4 Level 2. Lot 4 was checked but didn’t see any activity. The suspect left before the officer arrived.

Staff called for assistance to remove a student from the class. The student was removed.

Witnesses reported a subject wandering inside the GM-building. Officer Chan escorted the subject off campus.

A staff member called for an officer to check the area of the C-building when they heard banging on the hallway doors. No one was in the area of the C-building once it was checked.

Thursday, May 11

Library staff reported a homeless man tampering with computer equipment in the Computer Lab. The man was escorted off campus.

A student reported to a cadet that they have taken car keys from a person who doesn’t appear well enough to drive. The cadet went out with the person, telling them they are intoxicated. The subject’s mother was contacted and was told that she will pick them up from school.

Someone reported that a bike theft occurred south of the D-building.

A staff member reported that a vehicle that was parked in Lot 7 has a shattered window.

Several wallets were reported stolen from inside of GM-101.

Friday, May 12

Facilities reported that a man is shouting and throwing objects in the air while walking towards L-building from the Mirror Pools. The man left before the officer arrived.

Saturday, May 13

Staff at the Community Education Center (CEC) reported a suspicious man wandering in and out of the building. Officer Robins made contact with the man and escorted him off the campus.

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