Monday, Apr. 18:

A student requested an escort to their vehicle after twisting their ankle in the stadium, and was taken to their vehicle by Officer Arechiga.

Tuesday, Apr. 19:

Students reported that four male students were harassing female students in the quad. Officer Robins made contact with the students and advised them to leave the female students alone. An area check was conducted in lot 4 for a man who was approaching and harassing females, however the man was gone on Officer Arechiga’s arrival.

Wednesday, Apr. 20:

The Pasadena Fire Department (PFD) transported a student who fainted inside room C-315 to Huntington Memorial Hospital. Later the PFD transported a staff member who wasn’t feeling well to the Arcadia Methodist Hospital for further observation.

A staff member in the library reported a woman being uncooperative when asked to leave due to closing hours and a man was reported casing vehicles in lot 4.

Thursday, Apr. 21:

Officer Arechiga made contact with a transient in lot 4 and the individual was asked to leave the area, a man was reported causing disturbance inside of IT-137, a student reported their laptop bag along with their belongings was stolen on the 3rd floor of the library, and a man was reported exposing himself while walking around lot 4 level 1.

Friday, Apr. 22:

Contact was made with a transient who was sleeping near the north side of CC-building and was escorted off campus.

Staff reported a man causing a disturbance in the D-building computer lab and has been known to have caused disturbances in the past. He has been banned from using computers, and was not compliant when asked to leave. However the individual was gone on Officer Despain’s arrival at the scene of the report.

A bicycle was reported stolen from the north side of the library and a man in lot 4 level 1 was reported to be possibly engaging in lewd conduct and was advised to leave by Officer Chan.

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  1. Thank god the police department only responds to simple matters which require little or no intelligence, or a student might have been hurt. We have a chief who is a corrupt slob; and the officers on the beat are as stupid as they come. Just to give the PCC officers a modicum of respect they should be given wooden guns or guns made of soap. Well done!

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