Monday, May 27, 2019

An officer reported that he escorted off campus two transients out of the IT-building elevator.

Dispatch observed four males under suspicious circumstances via camera in lot five, at level three, who were role playing with what appeared to be a toy handgun. The officer made contact with the students and confirmed that the handgun was not real; the students advised that they were filming for a school project, so the officer counseled and advised the students to discontinue their project.

Facilities advised a subject was seen loitering in the east side Library Patio. An officer made contact with the transient who was found inside the Portable restroom on the east side of the Library. The transient was then escorted off campus.

Multiple subjects were observed loitering in lot 4.5 via dispatch cameras. An officer made contact and escorted the subjects off campus.

Facilities advised an officer on duty of a subject wandering through Science Village. The officer made contact with a female transient and escorted her off campus.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Staff reported that the door latch to their office had been tampered with. An officer met with the reporting person and took a report.

An accidental fire alarm was activated by a student in the CA building. The disposition was that the alarm was reset.

Staff reported that a former employee was harassing them via text message. A report was taken.

Facilities reported that students were loitering in the CA building basement. An officer escorted the students out of the building.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

An officer advised that he was escorting two subjects off campus from Lot four, on level five.

A transient contacted at the Community Education Center was arrested for 11377 PC and 626.8 (a) 1 PC.

The transient was cleared by the arrest, and a report was taken.

The Library staff requested assistance with a female student experiencing stomach pain. The female requested an escort to the Health Center for treatment.

Facilities reported that there were clothing scattered in the GM building Women’s Locker room, and they also reported that a student found a knife in the area. An officer advised that items were lost and found items, and they were brought to the Campus Police to be logged in.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Facilities reported that a male subject was skateboarding on the fourth floor of the R building. An officer conducted an area check and was unable to locate the subject.

An officer advised that he was escorting a female transient off campus from the Galloway Plaza.

A student reported sexual battery that occurred at an earlier date, off campus. The campus police provided information to the police agency which has jurisdiction for the assault. The student was provided with resource information related to the assault. A report was taken.

A subject reported a slip and fall that occurred in the CC building and requested assistance. The subject was conscious and breathing, and requested an escort to the Health Center. The subject was then transported to the Health Center for treatment.

A student reported a male transient who was annoying his girlfriend while she was studying in the Library. The subject was contacted and escorted from the Library, and advised not to return. He complied.

A Pasadena Police Dispatch advised that they received a report of a minor traffic collision adjacent to the Lot five exit, with one party refusing to exchange information. The PCC officer on the scene advised that the situation was under control. Both parties exchanged information prior to the police arrival.

Facilities reported that an electric cart was stolen from the north side of the GM building. Officers detained two suspects with the stolen property off campus. The suspects were determined to be juveniles. Their parents were contacted. One subject was cited out for 487 (d) PC. A report was taken.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

A caller advised that a male subject attempted to block his way as he was attempting to exit the restroom in the C building. The reporting party was contacted by an officer, but there was no evidence of a crime.

No other activities were reported for this period.

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