Monday, April 29,2019

Report of a collision between two vehicles on Hill and Colorado. No injuries reported.

Report of an instructor being offered prescription drugs by a student.

Report of a vehicle scratched in Lot 5 Level 1

Student advises their vehicle might have been hit while parked in Lot 5 level 3

Mother of PCC student reporting her daughter has not returned home from school and has not communicated with her since the morning. Mother concerned because her daughter suffers from mental issues and has not taken her medication. Officers made contact with the daughter, who checked fine and transported her home.

Report of a female who is unconscious but breathing at Lot 7 shuttle stop. Paramedics contacted and assisted female who regained consciousness and check ok. Declined transport to hospital.

Tuesday April 30,2019

Library staff advising they have seen a subject who is banned from campus inside of the library. Officers responded to area and made contact with the subject south of the ITS-building. Subject was escorted off campus.

Report of two vehicles blocking the Lot 4 level 1 entrance. Officer responded and made contact with parties; officer advised traffic collision with no injuries.

Cadet reports two transients possibly engaging in narcotic activity east of the U-building. Officers made contact with one of the transients on Bonnie and Colorado. A warrant inquiry was conducted with a positive match. Subject was cited and released.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Staff from the Veterans Resource Center request an officer regarding the burning of a flag near the Veterans Resource Center. Unknown when the incident happened and was referred to staff by a veteran student who saw the flag near Tennis Hill. Officer Giulani advises flag was not burned on campus but was brought to the Veterans Resource Center for disposal.

Student reports his vehicle was hit while parked in Lot 5 level 3.

Staff at the Photo I.D. station request assistance with a transient sleeping near their workspace. Officer contacted and escorted transient off campus.

Bookstore manager requests assistance with possible theft of books.

Thursday May 2, 2019

Transient loitering around SV-26 was contacted and escorted off campus.

Cosmetology staff reports a Male subject sitting next to CEC-135 feeling faint. Subject advises he felt dehydrated. Officers made contact with student who advised he was feeling better after given water.

Fire alarm activation in the B-building lobby pull station. Unknown subject pulled fire alarm pull station in lobby adjacent to Front Counter. Lobby video under review. Immediate area check conducted of the B-building and CC-building; no fire. Alarm reset.

Student reports a Female student having a panic attack in the Quad. Officers responded to assist student. Student was assisted and escorted to parents’ vehicle for transportation home.

Subject observed wandering through the Football Stadium via dispatch cameras. Officer Ortiz responded to the area and advised a student was walking the track. Student was advised the track is still under construction and was escorted out of the stadium.

Friday May 3, 2019

Welfare check conducted off campus for a PCC student who was expressing suicidal thoughts. Welfare check conducted at home resident of the student; student transported to hospital for observation.

Student reports she forgot her purse she forgot her purse in the R-building women’s restroom. She returned to retrieve her purse and it was gone.

Library personnel request assistance with 2 patrons who appear to be in a dispute. Officer Ortiz made contact with the subjects; counseled and released them.

Staff reports a student is feeling faint inside of SV-30. Officer responded to area and advised dispatch to contact a Pasadena Fire Department for assistance. Paramedics contacted and assisted student who refused transport to hospital. Student advised he would rest for 10 minutes and return to class.

Sunday May 5, 2019

Report of a male attempting to gain access to vehicles in Lot 4. Contact made with subject and advised no evidence of a crime.


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