Monday, May 6, 2019

A cadet observed a traffic collision with injuries at the intersection of Colorado and Bonnie involving a black nissan. Pasadena Fire Department and Police Department were notified to respond for assistance.

An officer investigated a suspicious vehicle with two male occupants at CEC lot D. The officer cited them for smoking violations.

A student reported that another student was harassing her near Lancer’s Pass. Officers made contact with the perpetrator and advised the student no to bother the victim.

A cadet observed subjects in a black Honda engaging in lewd conduct in Lot 5 level 3D. The vehicle left before the officer arrived.

Officer found a person scavenging through dumpsters in the dock area of CEC. The officer advised the person to leave campus, and the person complied.

Student said that she called to report that she was involved in a traffic collision in Lot 3 at 4:40 p.m. The person at fault and with whom she collided was not insured. The officer completed a report.

Facilities supervisor stated that there was a male laying on the ground near Science Village room 16. Officers made contact with the man who said he was relaxing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A staff member reported that there was a male transient asleep in the elevator at lot 5, level 1, south elevator. Officers arrived and advised the person to leave, and the person complied.

An officer found person in the loading dock area of CEC. The officer asked the person to leave, and the person complied.

Officers addressed three transients south of the Forum. One of them was found to have a warrant from the Pasadena Police Department. The transient with the warrant was transported to Pasadena Police Department while the other two were escorted off campus.

Student fell down the stairs and injured her ankle in the D Building. The Health Center was closed due to a meeting, so the student was treated at the scene with a first aid kit and then left on her own. No further medical assistance was requested by the student.

A Facilities worker observed a male and a female arguing near Science Village room 34. The male pushed the female to the floor in the hallway, then both parties ran toward the stadium. Officers made contact with the two of them. They were counseled by the officers and advised to leave.

Facilities reported a male laying down in a hammock in a tree east of the CA Building. The student said he was relaxing.

Student Life staff was complaining of harassing phone calls from a student who was using foul language to demand extra tickets to the graduation event. An officer brought the issue to Campus Use. Campus Use staff were to call the student to resolve the issue.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Faculty Dean reported that an instructor in CA-219 had been the subject of harassment and stalking by a student with mental issues. Officers were to meet the instructor at a class for further information.

Career Center staff reported that a staff member accidentally hit their head against a glass window in IT-200 and needed medical assistance. The chief transported the staff member to the Health Center for treatment.

A student reported that her vehicle was damaged by the vehicle that was parked next to her in lot 5 near the level 2 ramp. The officer took a report.

Psychological Services requested a welfare check on a student in Montebello due to a disturbing email sent to an instructor regarding her depression. Montebello Police Department was contacted and the request for a welfare check was made. Montebello Police Department called back after completing the check to report that the student was not at their residence at the time and that the grandparents believed she was at another location. Pasadena City College Police Department Officer Gonzales made contact with the student over telephone. The student stated she was fine and did not wish to injure herself. The officer advised her to visit Psychological Services as soon as possible, and then the officer notified Psychological Services to update the office on the student’s situation.

A transient was observed charging his cell phone at the NE entrance of GM Building. An officer advised the transient to leave campus, and the transient complied.

A facilities custodian advised that a M/B/A transient with a bicycle was littering trash and belongings around the courtyard at CEC. An officer advised the transient to leave campus, and the transient complied.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A student reported that his grey Toyota four door was struck on the front passenger side bumper while parked in lot 5 level 2. The officer took a report.

Friday, May 10, 2019

A facilities supervisor stated that a bald-headed male subject wearing a grey suit was walking aimlessly around the Quad, west of the C Building. The subject appeared drunk. An officer checked for wants or warrants on the subject and came back with negative results. The subject said he was homeless. The officer advised him to leave campus, and he complied.

A student reported that a male was inside his silver, four door vehicle in lot 5 level 2 watching porn on his cell phone. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the subject. They guessed that he had left before their arrival.

A facilities worker reported a male possibly sleeping at the bleachers south east in the Stadium. An officer awakened the student, and the student left the area.

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