Monday, September 3

No activity was reported on this day.

Tuesday, September 4

There were reports of several subjects possibly engaged in narcotic activity near the mirror pools. Upon arrival, officers were unable to locate any suspects matching those reports.

There was a report of a hit and run in Lot 5. A report was taken.

A student reported his bike was stolen on campus. The bikeike was taken from the bike racks at the Annex bungalows and a report was filed.

A faculty member reported that their side mirrors were taken and her vehicle was scratched. The incident occured in Lot 5 and a report was taken.

A subject was observed to be sleeping in a vehicle on campus via video surveillance. The subject was advised to leave and complied to officer advision.

Wednesday, September 5

A student reported that an unknown subject approached him and insulted him. Both parties were located and the issue was resolved.

A report was made of two subjects in a vehicle, possibly engaged in narcotic activity. The subjects were gone on arrival of the officer.

Two hit and runs occured on this day. One occured in Lot 11 and anther in Lot 5 and reports were taken

A staff member reported an irate subject located in the C building. The subject was escorted off campus.

A staff member contacted campus police after being concerned with internet content being viewed by a student. The officer did a field interview of said student.

Thursday, September 6

There was a report of an instructor who was sitting on the floor of the C building, conscious but unresponsive. The instructor was transported to the hospital by paramedics.

A report was made of a parking permit machine possibly being tampered with. This matter is under investigation.

A student was stuck in an elevator located in the R building. The student was later able to exit the elevator.

A student confided in a teacher that they were being followed on campus by an unknown subject. The teacher reports this story and the student is advised to contact Campus police if any further incidents occur.

Friday, September 7

Some reports were made of a student stuck inside an elevator of the R building. The cadet advises that the elevators are working properly and elevators are clear.

A male subject was reported showing in the women’s C building restroom. The subject was gone at the arrival of the officer.

Saturday, September 8

A report is made of a subject trying to enter classrooms in the W building. The officer was unable to locate subject.

Facilities reported several subjects moving furniture from Lot 5 to the U building. This report was unfounded and was just students throwing away theater items in the trash bins near the U building.


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