April 11

A woman was reported to be hiding from her roommate, who was stalking her, in the women’s bathroom on the second floor of the library. Her roommate followed her through the Science Village to the library. She hid in the bathroom until officers came.

April 16

A woman reported a man snatched her iPhone out of her hands near Lot 5. Officers detained and questioned two men positively identified by the victim. The men were transported to Pasadena Department Jail for questioning. The phone was not recovered.

April 22

A man reportedly attempted to steal a woman’s purse while she slept in the library. An area check was conducted and the man was questioned. After running a Wants and Warrant check, officers escorted the man to PCC Campus Police for further investigation.

April 29

Staff reported a person had attempted to break into C 415 by damaging the lock. Nothing was reported missing and the damage to the lock was repaired.

May 13

Three men were reported stuck in the phone booth on the second floor of the C Building and yelling for help. When officers arrived, the booth was opened and a strong odor of burnt marijuana wafted out. One of the men attempted to flee. He was arrested and issued a citation for resisting an officer.

May 15

A woman reported being attacked by a man on the North of the L Building lawn. Pasadena Police Department searched for the man with ground and helicopter units, but came up empty. The woman sustained a minor laceration on her right knee.

June 26

Construction workers reported flooding in the construction site for the Performing Arts building. Officers discovered a copper pipe had been cut during an attempted theft. Officers reported about an inch of water on the floor of the main stage and dressing rooms. There was approximately $10,080 of property damage.

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