Monday, March 2, 2015

• A student was involved in a traffic collision in Lot 3. The student was willing to exchange information but the other party refused to provide information. Officer Robins counseled both parties and had them exchange information.

• A male was reported to be inside the women’s restroom in the 3rd floor of the C-building. No description of the male was obtained. An area check of the restroom was conducted, but the subject was not found

• PCC student reported their white Fixie style bike was stolen from the C-building south side bike racks. Video surveillance was unavailable; the camera system was not functioning at the time of inquiry.

• A female student reported a thin white male wearing a green plaid shirt and jeans followed her to her vehicle in the Lot 5 level 2. The student stated that the male was on his skateboard while “masturbating.” The woman reported that the male was “riding away” as she called the campus police. The male was gone when the police arrived.

• A female student suffered a laceration to the back of her head which led to bleeding in the PCC bookstore. The student was bent over underneath a locker door and when she stood up she hit her head on the bottom corner of another locker. The woman did not wish to be treated by paramedics and asked to be transferred to the Health Center.

• A female student reported a hit and run in Lot 4 level 2. Her car suffered minor surface scratches and dents to the front driver side bumper. The victim’s friend was her car at the time of the incident but was unable to provide the suspect’s license plate number or the make and model of the vehicle. Video surveillance was reviewed but the cameras were not fixed in the direction of the victim’s vehicle.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

• An instructor reported a student hyperventilating in class C-161. The student was transported to the Health center for further evaluation.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
• A student reported a hit and run in Lot 5 level 3D. The victim’s vehicle suffered damage from the driver’s side front door to the rear of the vehicle along with a large surface scratch from an apparent sideswipe. Surveillance was reviewed and a license plate was obtained. The suspect’s appeared to be a female driver in a white BMW. However the information did not batch anybody in the student database.

Thursday, March 5, 2015
• A student reported his backpack stolen on March 2nd from Science Village #12 while they went for lunch. The student lost their wallet, phone, and IPod. Surveillance was reviewed but no suspect was found.

• A woman was reported fainting inside of R-321. Officer Chan responded and the female was conscious and breathing when he arrived.

• A female was reported to be lying on the ground with her eyes closed in Lot 5 level 3B. The female appeared to be sleeping for a short time and Officer Chan advised her to leave campus.

Friday, March 6, 2015
• Staging services reported a male sleeping on the stairwell of Lot 5 level 1. Officer Chan escorted the male off campus.

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