Although Proposition 30 was approved by voters on Nov. 6, final plans for utilizing its windfall will not be presented until mid-December, officials said.

Among the plans in the works is the addition of 500 more class sections to the spring 2013 semester, and the submission of final plans for summer term at the next Board of Trustees meeting, according to an official District statement.

“We should have plans finalized for recommendation to the Board on December 12,” said PCC President Mark Rocha in an email.

According to an official calendar distributed in mid-November, the Summer Academic Term will run from May 13 through Aug. 2.

According to a District statement, current plans for summer calls for two, six-week sessions “with classes offered in both summer sessions,” a guarantee that could not have been made until Proposition 30’s passage in the recent general election.

The state is expected to restore $6.7 million to the school’s budget, money which will be received in June 2013 in a lump sum ‘balloon payment.’

The school’s summer sessions look to cater to students on the cusp of graduation and/or transferring.

“All current, continuing students will be offered the classes they need to graduate and transfer on time by the end of June,” the statement says.

“These plans are tentative based on the current information from the state Chancellor’s office.”

Other top priorities will be the expansion of the veteran’s program.

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