The Pasadena Community College Police Department is asking the public to donate new or slightly used backpacks and school supplies for kids who don’t have the proper supplies needed for school. The department will be taking supplies from April to June and will be provided to those students in the Pasadena and El Monte School Districts.

“It’s important to give back to our community that is one day going to be our future.” said Cadet Captain Tina Mirzakhanians.

The Police Department had previously held food and toy drives for children in need and thought that this would be a great opportunity to stay connected with the community and help provide kids with the supplies they would need for school, according to Police Officer Don Norek.

Norek said that with the economy still being tough, providing supplies would not only help the children, but would also help take the pressure off parents who would have to provide the supplies themselves. He also urged students and faculty members to remember how tough things were for them in school without the proper school supplies and to think of those children who are need.

As a PCC student, Mizakhanians knows how even a limited amount of supplies can help children and remembers how grateful those children were for what they were given during those previous drives.

Those who are interested in donating school supplies may do so by dropping-off their items in the lobby area or at the front counter of the Police Department in B-210. The supplies would be collected and ready for students when they return next year.

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  1. I think this is a G R E A T idea! Giving back to the community gives me such a warm & fuzzy feeling. I just wunna hug a fat, navy blue donut muncher!!!!

    But the logic here escapes me. Don’t we have a person in the security department whose full time job it is to return items to people who lost them? Would asking peoiple to drop stuff off in the lobby be kind-a-like are “reverse lost & found?” Are we gonna hire a full time person to receive this stuff?

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