PCC’s Associated Student (AS) and language division hosted an international fair as part of international week celebrating the cultures of the world in the quad last Thursday. Students were able learn and appreciate the many different types of cultures represented at PCC.

“There’s a lot of diversity here on campus,” student Sergio Mendoza said. “ It’s great to have these types of events on campus not only to have people learn more about their own culture but to also learn about others.”

There were many booths where students could try different types of foods, learn how to write or say their names in a different language. They could also receive information about travel abroad programs and find out about interesting facts about different types of cultures around the world.

Students walked from booth to booth with “passports” provided by AS. They went around the quad getting their passports stamped from each booth in an attempt to win prizes and free food all while having a good time.

Entertainment was provided via cultural representation from different countries in Asia. A Japanese Taiko drum band performed in front of the quad and had many students in awe. Once the Taiko drum band concluded their performance, a Chinese cultural act took place in which students got to learn about traditional clothing and the histories of the Hung, Ming and Chu dynasties that ruled China through the 12th century.

“I’ve always wanted to travel abroad but the language barrier and cultural shock is something I always get worried about,” student Serena Torres said. “After walking around [the international fair] and talking to the study abroad program, I feel a little more confident in possibly traveling abroad in the future.”

The food was also a major standout in the fair as students walked around the quad, it was very common to see students holding plates and eating different types of foods provided from the cultural booths. There were cheeses from France, bread from Italy, hummus from the middle East and much more that students couldn’t get enough of.

“There’s a lot of food that I haven’t tried before today,” student Aaron Ortiz said. “All of it has been pretty good so far but if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the cheese from the France table.”

The international fair was one of multiple events that occured during international week. Other events took place relating to cultural appreciation which included a seminar about careers in foreign language, multiple movies relating to Mexican and Russian culture, mariachi music and a Chinese tea tasting that capped off international week at PCC.

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