Monday, February 17

A facilities staff reported a male transient near the east side of the D building. Officer reported the individual left the area and off-campus towards Colorado Blvd.

Tuesday, February 18

The Pasadena Fire Department reported a female called for medical assistance from the payphone in Lot 8. Paramedics checked and cleared the individual.

Facilities staff reported a female transient walked into the D building when he temporarily unlocked the exterior door to clean inside and is now sitting in the lobby

Staff requested assistance with a female and her German Shepard blocking the entrance to the CA building. Subject advised her dog was stuck in its leash and will leave the area.

A Vehicle was cited in Lot 4 Level 1 for a red curb violation.

A student reported his vehicle was struck in the front bumper in Lot 4 Level 1.

Wednesday, February 19

A report of a male in the Quad was shouting and throwing papers at a female student, putting papers in his pants, and showing the student a condom.

A non-student reported a male subject attempted to take his cellphone and wallet from him in Lot 4. The victim was able to defend himself and retrieve his items from the subject. There has been an update during an interview with the investigators, the alleged victim in the reported “Robbery” admitted he had fabricated the story of the robbery in order to cover up his involvement in a Hit & Run incident on campus.

A student reports a note was left on her vehicle claiming her vehicle was struck by the vehicle parked next to hers. The parties then exchanged insurance information.

Thursday, February 20

A student reported her vehicle’s front bumper was dented while parked in Lot 4.

A student reported her vehicle’s rear passenger side was struck while parked in Lot 4.

Library staff reported a female was stung by a bee and was possibly having an allergic reaction. Campus Police responded and requested Pasadena Fire Dept. PFD responded to the scene and suffered multiple stings while attempting to treat the victim. A campus Police officer, as well as a Cadet also suffered stings at the scene. Additional source of bees was determined to be a large swarm and hive located at the Howard Johnson hotel on Colorado Blvd. across from the Shatford Library. Additional resources were requested by Pasadena Police Dept., and the Pasadena Fire Department. Campus Police sent out a Rave Alert, and posted the information on the PCC Campus Police Twitter account @PCCampuspolice to notify students and staff of the hazard. Police blocked off the area of Colorado Blvd between Marion and Sierra Bonita for several hours until the bees were removed.

Friday, February 21

Staff reported a male transient undressing near the Mirror Pools.

Cadet reported multiple students advise him of a female transient bothering students in the C building restrooms.

A Cadet was stung by a bee.

An Officer was stung by a bee.

A facilities worker reported graffiti on the North Mirror Pools.

Saturday, February 22

No activities were reported for this day.

Sunday, February 23

An officer observed three males sitting at the mirror pools.

A suspicious vehicle was observed parked in the Child Development Center parking lot. Vehicle belonged to a facilities staff member waiting to start his shift.

Officer observed two males sitting near the East side of Robinson Stadium.

No other activities were reported for this period.

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