One of PCC’s newest online features, Lancer Anonymous Tip Reporting (LART), enables anyone to submit and provide suspected crime information confidentially and anonymously to Campus Police.

LART was launched to provide a more accessible process for students, staff, and faculty to report suspicious crime around campus while remaining completely anonymous. This program is intended for anyone who either first-hand witnessed, or knows any information about a crime that happened on campus, but wants to keep their identity anonymous or isn’t able to make it to the Campus Police office.

Students are encouraged to report any crimes that happen on campus since there are various ways to report those crimes. The Campus Police office is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. but there is always an officer available 24-hours at the campus police office in B-210.

There are also several emergency boxes throughout campus that can be used for if any reason anyone feels unsafe on campus. These emergency call boxes are directed to the campus police office when anyone uses them.

“The most common reason anyone will use these call boxes is if someone feels unsafe walking to class or to their cars,” said Sergeant Bill Abernathie. “When anyone uses one of these call boxes will inform campus police what their emergency is and a cadet will go to their location and assist them.”

LART franchised off of other online anonymous crime reporting feature systems like WeTip and Crimestoppers. This program costed the school no money in funding, but any funding that the program would need will come out of the campus police budget.

This feature is fairly new to the PCC campus and so far have received approximately five incoming tips since its debut two weeks ago. Flyers will be posted and passed out around campus in the next few weeks to help promote LART. Campus Police hope that LART will encourage more people to report crimes they see around campus.

“We hope that people that see criminal misconduct happening will report is to us,” Sergeant Bill Abernathie said. “It will generate more input on crimes that were investigating on campus.”

To access Lancer Anonymous Tip Reporting:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Resources & Offices tab
  3. Click on the Police & College Safety tab
  4. Under Available Services, there will be a link to Lancer Anonymous Tip Reporting
  5. Fill out the provided form
  6. Submit the form, then Campus Police will handle the scene once received

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