Monday, February 24:

There was a two-vehicle traffic collision on Bonnie Ave, east of Lot 5

A student injured her ankle and requested transport to the Health Center from IT-200

A male transient was using the shower in the W building men’s locker room. He was escorted off of campus.

A transient possibly exposed himself at the Carl’s Jr. on Colorado Blvd.

Reporting party stated they were involved in a verbal altercation in the quad.

Library staff requested an officer for emergency assistance in the 2nd-floor men’s restroom. Upon arrival, officers found a non-responsive male not breathing due to a possible drug overdose. Paramedics were requested and officers began CPR procedures. The subject was transported to the hospital for further medical attention. A HAZMAT team responded to check for the presence of narcotics-related to the incident and removal.

Reported male inside of the women’s locker room in the W building. Subject was escorted off campus.

Report of male touching urinals while they were in use in the first floor of the CA building. Officers conducted area check and did not make contact.

Tuesday, February 25:

Student reported a female student slipped in Lot 11 and was bleeding from her head. An officer arrived and reported an elderly female conscious and breathing with a laceration on her forehead. PFD paramedics arrived on scene. The female subject declined transportation to the hospital.

Officers out with two subjects regarding an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend in lot 8.

Staff reported transients were seen loitering in the W building men’s locker room, possibly going through the lockers. Officers made contact with the subject and was escorted off of campus.

Staff reported hearing a woman possibly yelling/crying near the IT building. Officers conducted area check and made contact with one female transient who had earphones on and was speaking loudly.

Wednesday, February 26:

Report of a female who injured her knee during class and requested transport to the Health Center

A student suffered a burn on their foot and was transported to the Health Center for assistance.

A student reported a male subject followed him for approximately an hour. Officers made contact with the subject who appeared to have a mental disability.

Subject reported a male transient acting strangely near the V building.

Facilities reported graffiti inside a men’s stall at Lancers Pass.

Thursday, February 27:

Report of a possible transient using the shower inside of the W building men’s locker room.

Staff reported receiving a call from an unknown person requesting money from her.

Subject called stating he is stuck inside an elevator at the R-building

Staff at personal counseling requested an officer to transport a subject to the hospital.

Report taken for a hit and run that occurred in Lot 4 level 2D.

Officer advised he escorted two transients out of the GM building locker room.

Friday, February 28:

Report of a male writing on a wall at tennis hill. Officer made contact and did not find evidence of crime. Subject contacted was checked for warrants with negative results.

Staff reported a student purchased an item with counterfeit money.

Library staff reported a male stole a book from the library and was seen running out of the north side of the building. Subject was detained at Carls Jr.

Facilities reported a male transient refusing to leave the W building men’s locker room.

Saturday, February 29:

A person reported a male who appeared to be under the influence in Lot 4 level 1. Officer made contact with the subject off campus. Warrant check conducted and the subject had two warrants.

Sunday, March 1:

Facilities reported several lockers have been opened and clothes have been left scattered on the floor. Officer responded and advised possible transient belongings left over.

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