As the newly appointed student trustee for 2010-2011, communication major Nolan Pack seeks to not only improve existing programs like the Metro I-Pass transit pass system but also establish new ones. These changes include sustainability polices and an advisory council for student trustees.Pack places the improvement of Metro I-Pass program as his first priority in a list of three main goals for the upcoming academic year. With the objective to make low-cost public transit more accessible to PCC students, Pack hopes to offer the transit pass for purchase when students register for parking permits.

Since creating the first Sustainability Committee in Associated Students in summer 2009, Pack has been “laying the groundwork for a sustainability movement on campus,” making environmental practices his second objective as student trustee.

Pack explains that while no major changes will take place during the summer due to the smaller student body, he and members of the Sustainability Committee plan to bring their sustainability policies to the attention of the Board of Trustees. These policies reflect Pack’s personal concern for preserving the environment through energy and water conservation and other strategies, and he hopes to bring sustainability to a college-wide level by implementing them during his term.

“All of our work is at the stage where we’re hoping to start that discussion [with the Board of Trustees],” he said.

Pack credits his involvement in the Speech and Debate Team and the Seeds of Change club at PCC for inspiring his passion for public speaking and environmental awareness.

To Pack, the Sustainability Committee combines the “public policy aspect of the Speech and Debate team and the environmental issues [of Seeds of Change]” into one interest.

Pack’s third goal focuses on providing greater representation of student body through the creation of a Student Trustee Advisory Council.

“The Council would serve as a formal representative body that the student trustee would consult on a regular basis in order to understand and advance the needs of PCC students,” Pack said.

By recognizing the “Latino, African American, Asian, International, and LGBTQ students, as well as veterans, returning students, and many others,” Pack seeks to address a wider range of issues.

“Without input on what students want, we can only make the best guess,” he said.

According to the President of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Hilary Bradbury-Huang, the basic duties of the student trustee are to attend meetings and provide input of student concerns.

Dr. Bradbury-Huang, who will end her term at the next board meeting, said, “We look to [the student trustee] to see what his advice is on certain votes.”

In his new position, Pack hopes to transcend the traditional role of a student trustee and create “new policies, new programs, new services that will make students’ experiences at PCC more positive.

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