Men’s basketball coach Mike Swanegan has been coaching basketball for 30 years and is looking to achieve a monumental 200 career victories with the next Lancer basketball win.

Swanegan has always known he wanted to coach. He earned his bachelor’s degree in health, physical education and recreation at Langston University and received a master’s degree in education from Azusa Pacific University.

“I always knew what I wanted to do,” Swanegan said. “Coaching was my number one since high school, [so] in college my mind was already made up.”

Swanegan is in his 7th season coaching at PCC and this year the Lancers have had an successful season (18-9 overall) and are currently looking for a spot in the playoffs this season.

While this career victory is a milestone to many supporters, Swanegan has a few other important things on his mind at the moment and views this win just as any other.

“I haven’t really put any stock into it,” Swanegan said. “I’m more concerned about these playoffs and winning this conference.”

Sophomore forward Taj Spencer, agreed and said the team is focused on “getting the win to make sure our coach is proud.”

Swanegan credits much of his success to his players as well as his passion and love for his job. He also realized that over the many years of playing and coaching, he has taken something from other coaches.

“Players are always the biggest inspiration,” Swanegan said. “These wins mean that I’ve had decent players that we’ve been able to send out to the next level.”

Spencer is looking to transfer to a 4-year university to play basketball and described Swanegan as a great coach and a positive influence.

“He’s one of kind, you’ll never meet anyone else like him,” Spencer said. “He has such a passion and I admire that a lot. This is a huge milestone and I’m happy for him.”

The Lancers basketball coaching staff still keeps in touch with many previous players and even travels to other states to watch them play because they enjoy seeing everyone succeed.

“You liked to see them grow,” Swanegan said. “Basketball is an avenue to get players to where they are today and helps in lifelong situations.”

Swanegan hopes to continue his successful coaching style and to encourage his players to get to the next level of life and basketball.

“Coach Swanegan loves the game,” La’Nette Dillard, assistant women’s basketball coach said. “He’s a great teacher of the game and he get’s the best out of his players.”

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