• Associated Students had 30 students register to vote on Wednesday, October 17.
  • The geology building is old and asbestos was identified. Construction on the geology building began six years ago. During construction, IT and AV improvements that would benefit students were brought to attention, and $60,000 was spent for the improvements. This increased the cost above the initial projections, along with changes made by the district, changes in time, unforeseen circumstances, or emissions from the architect.
  • In regards to the exterior design of the U Building, GKK Works is designing the U Building replacement. During their presentation at the Board of Trustees meeting on September 12, several trustees and natural sciences faculty were not pleased with the look, design, and practicality of their original design. Since then, GKK Works has reworked their initial designs to match with the Pasadena City College (PCC) campus and the needs of the faculty. On October 17, the board approved three new building options that GKK Works presented. Option one has a similar pattern to the library. Option two is similar to option one, with the addition of shade structures. Option three modified the canopies and there are no corner windows.
  • The next superintendent-president luncheon is on October 30.
  • The number of PCC students that transferred to UCLA in 2018 was 27 percent, surpassing the 25 percent statewide average. 280 PCC students transferred to UCLA in 2018.
  • A total of 97 percent  of PCC students in the nursing program pass it. PCC has better outcomes than most nursing programs in California, including the University of California schools
  • Dr. Terry Giugni presented the Vision For Success and the Student Centered Funding Formula.. There is a new Strategic Planning Committee that will replace two committees. The goals are to increase the awarding of degrees and certificates, increase transfer rates by 35 percent to the UC or CSU schools, decrease the number of units for an AA degree, from 87 to 79, increase the number of CTE students who report being employed in their field of study, reduce equity gaps, and reduce regional achievement gaps across all of the goals above.
  • According to a Board of Trustees discussion, enrollment will become an issue in the upcoming years.
  • Career and Completion Center: The new center will apply to every PCC student the moment they enroll. The center is not built yet and will integrate career planning with curriculum. It will offer vocational options alongside the formal curriculum and assist students with transferring from the classroom to their job. When a student applies, they will be shown careers and be connected from the moment they begin. Right now, there are only two career counselors for all 29,000 students. Students will be put into one of the career clusters and they will be tracked until full employment.
  • Next Monday, there will be a crew from the Campaign for College Promise at PCC.
  • Vurdien assured that the students at TRIO Upward Bound Program camp will be safe.
  • An error in the Thanksgiving weekend calendar will be fixed. Historically, the college is closed during this weekend. On the calendar, Saturday and Sunday were not colored to indicate the campus closure.

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